Logistic and Warehousing

Gam BAKKER has a warehousing capacity of over the 7000 square meters, our warehouses are located on the Agriport at Middenmeer, a prime logistic location. We poses the know-how and the right knowledge and ware bouts of the logistic process and the warehousing. We are able to provide an optimal service to our customers thanks to this experience.


Climatised warehouse

We can to store a wide range of sensitive products, we are able to this this thanks to our large, climatised, warehouse. Within the warehouse the products can be heated or cooled and we have the opportunity to control the humidity permanently, which means that we can control the humidity and, if necessary, make an adjustment. Naturally we store the products strategically.  


Warehouse Management System

Gam BAKKER possesses three different warehouses, those are all located on the Agriport. Our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives us the opportunity to give our customers insight on their current stock, at any time.

Controlling and adjusting humidity

The thing that makes Gam BAKKER so unique are the options that we can offer regarding the humidity. We are able to control, and if necessary adjust, the humidity at any time. We are able to control this in our warehouses, and even during the transport of the goods. Thanks to all these options, we are able to keep the products in an optimal condition during the transport and storage, only a few can manage this.



The Agriport at Middenmeer is a prime logistic location that we are using gratefully as a logistic service provider. The advantageous location along the A7 makes sure that there is a fast connection, with low transporting costs as a result. Next to this we have 20 docks available, which makes sure that the loading- and unloading times are minimal and the turnaround time is optimal.


IFS certified

We are IFS certified. IFS certification helps to accurately analyze the risks, their control and a continuous improvement of food safety. The IFS certificate is recognized by the GFSI and meets the requirements of customers and clients.

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