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Why Gam Bakker?

If you choose Gam Bakker as your transporter, than quality and efficiency is what you will get, because those two aspects feature us. Another important thing to be mentioned is the versatility that we offer during the transportation, we can offer this thanks to our comprehensive fleet with many different kinds of trucks. On this moment Gam Bakker transports many different kinds of products, for example; flowers, bulbs, nuts, seeds, peanuts, horticultural products, legume and fruit.

We think that customer satisfaction is extremely important, therefor we’re very flexible and handling short lines of communication, which means if you call the general phone number, you will immediately speak to one of the planners, all this to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the customers.

What makes Gam Bakker even more unique than the outstanding service, is the possibility to transport the products on the required temperature and humidity controlled. Which means that we can transport cooled or heated and we can control the humidity during the ride and adjust if necessary. This will make sure that the products are in optimal condition when delivered

Underneath a small summary of the things that we can offer you:

  • Climatised trucks with the option to load sideways.
  • Humidity controlled during the ride(!).
  • Flexibility during the ride and planning.
  • Versatility thanks to our comprehensive fleet.
  • Transport thorough entire Europe.
  • Trained staff.
  • Fantastic location on the Agriport along the A7.
Humidity controlled

Humidity controlled

Multiple transporters can transport climatised, the thing that divers Gam Bakker from the others is that we can combine the climatised part with the controlling of the humidity. Only a few can do this.

Agriport along the A7

Agriport along the A7

The location of Gam Bakker makes a fast connection with the rest of Holland a certainty, beside this, we ensure minimum load- and unloading times.

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