Transport England

Gam Bakker arranges the transport from and towards England on daily base for more than ten years, this experience is well reflected in our services. Arranging groupage transport is something what we do every day. We always find a suitable solution for every assignment.

Frigo transport to England

Gam Bakker is able to transport the goods in frigo trailers. The unique option that we can offer, which separates us from the competition, is that we can control the humidity during transport. This option gives us the opportunity to adjust the humidity if necessary; this assures the customer that the products will arrive in their optimal condition.

Transporting flowers and plants to England

The groupage transport of flowers and plants is one of our specialties. It’s a complicated aspect of transporting, which we rule and take care off every day. Thanks to our modern and technologically high-class fleet we manage to deliver the products, in optimal condition and within the time-schedule, to the customers.

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