Cer-fust is a subsidiary of Gam Bakker BV. Cer produces the collapsible cubic box, below you see some more information about the box:

The CERFUST collapsible box can accomplish huge savings on transporting costs.

The collapsing cubic box is a attracting application for the bulb sector.

De CERFUST box has all the features of the traditional box. The box can be filled heavily, can be piled and is capable for the usual aeration systems.

The box also meets the high expectations concerning sustainability. The walls of the box consists of waterproof plywood, the hinges and corner profiles are made of impact-resistant plastic and the locking is made of stainless spring steel. The corners are made out of galvanized steel and they can be piled high and really stable thanks to their rare form.

If you would like to have a closer look of the box you can visit the CER site, everything will be explained very carefully by small videos.



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