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Progress construction.

Updates about the construction. 

Completion of construction

Completion of construction

The construction is almost complete! The contractor will finish the construction of our new facility this Friday (26th of Juli), followed by the finishing of the office, which will be one week later. August 5th will be the date that the first products will arrive in the warehouse.



31-10-2017 - We’re expanding to HoogTij, the new seaport quay along the North Sea Canal. Eric Steltenpool: ‘With the expansion to HoogTij we want to develop a sustainable building in a logistical prime location. At Gam BAKKER we’re constantly searching for new opportunities and innovations. Therefore this development seamlessly integrates with our vision for the future.’

AEO certified

AEO certified

01-10-2017 – Gam BAKKER is AEO certified. The AEO certificate offers several benefits for the international trading traffic, for instance faster handling of customs formalities. The certificate allows us to serve our customers even better.

Assignment for the construction has been signed.

Assignment for the construction has been signed.

10-07-2018 – We are proud to announce that the assignment for the construction of Hoogtij has been signed. Toekomstgroep from Andijk will execute the construction. Hoogtij will be up and running at the end of 2019 if the construction works out according to our plans. The contract has been signed at architect bureau Bob Nieuwboer.


Underneath you find the press release about HoogTij. 

Amsterdam, 31 October 2017

Two facilities at HoogTij

CTVrede en Gam BAKKER choose for plug&play business park

The first two facilities in the newly developed business area HoogTij, according to the plug&play concept, are assured. Container terminal CTVrede Steinweg and logtistics service provider Gam Bakker will settle on the industrial site which has been developed by Havenbedrijf Amstrerdam, municipality Zaandam and development company harbor area Westzaan. The symbolic first poles for the new location went into the grond last Monday.


The construction of the new seaport quay, divergence of the Kanaaldijk and the accelerated construction of 10 hectares of industrial site according to the plug & play concept started last spring. This concept provides assurance for the concerned businesses. The development of HoogTij boosts the competitiveness of the North Sea Channel area. It’s an interesting location for the logistical service providers due to the nearby water and road connections.


CTVrede already has two terminals located in Zaandam and Amsterdam, HoogTij provides them with a third location in the North Sea Channel area. CTVrede fulfills a facilitating role for container shippers trough these terminals in the North of the Netherlands. At the new location Hoogtij they can handle both inland- and short sea shipping. Bas Gort of CTVrede: ‘The establishment at HoogTij is an opportunity for us to offer a new concept to the industry in this area. By placing the warehouses directly behind the crane, following the example of the old-fashioned stewage, we can eliminate the last mile in the logistic chain. The collaboration with Gam BAKKER is the first example of this concept. HoogTij gives us the ability to serve the region optimally and relieve the number of traffic movements.’


The second company is Gam BAKKER, a logistical service provider. It will be the first office of the company in the harbor area. Gam BAKKER is currently located on the Agriport, Middenmeer, next to the A7. They will also get two hectares of building ground. Eric Steltenpool of Gam BAKKER: ‘With the expansion to HoogTij we want to realize a sustainable building on a logistical prime location. At Gam BAKKER we’re constantly searching for new opportunities and innovations. Therefore this development seamlessly integrates with our vision for the future.’

The lease portfolio of Havenbedrijf Amsterdam

Hoogtij is part of the lease portfolio of Havenbedrijf Amsterdam. The explotation focus of the harbor terrain is: companies that provide large windmill parks on the North Sea (off-shore related companies) and logistical service providers. The area also fits companies in the more heavier environmental categories, like companies that operate in the circular economy. Havenbedrijf Amsterdam will also try to experiment with the plug&play concept; a new concept that tries to support the flexibility of the storage of seasonal- and term goods. Municipality Zaanstad, Havenbedrijf Amsterdam and the province of North Holland are participating in the business area Hoogtij project.

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